Couldn't make it to the first Vlog University 2020?

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If you couldn’t make it to LA this time, we are offering recordings of the entire 2-day program! The recordings of technical sessions will include the instructors screen and their sound. See samples here.

Business and marketing sessions will have a video of the presenter/s and their screen. The recordings will be made available for purchasers for unlimited viewing for 90 days.

  • “Attend” from the convenience of your home or office in your convenient hours
  • Streaming will be available for 90 day post event – unlimited watching
  • Watch all Vlog University sessions in all breakout rooms
  • Learn in your own space, rewind and review!
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As becoming an online influencer has emerged as a main goal for the younger generation, the need for professional training has never been more evident. Vlog University Conference will focus on three main components of success: producing visually compelling video content, generating followers, and the monetization of the channel.

The core of a successful channel is the content. Online video has become more professional looking, setting a new standard for online video content. No more shaky, piracy footage; viewers expect TV quality production when watching videos online. Future Media Concepts, the leading video production and post production training company will bring its expertise to teach attendees everything they need to know for success.

Training Sessions

Training sessions at Vlog University will cover a variety of in-depth video production sessions that includes:

  • Writing scripts
  • Producing on a tight schedule
  • Setting up your studio
  • Choosing the right work stations, camera, lighting
  • Techniques with editing softwares

Other training sessions will discuss hand-held mobile production using iPhones and how to use professional editing software such as Final Cut Pro. On day 2, Justine and guest influencers will teach master workshops on creating, marketing, and the business aspects of online channels.

Instructors & Influencers

In the core of the program we are pleased to feature Justine Ezarik, the industry leading influencer. Justine will teach marketing workshops with how-to tips and techniques on how to aggregate followers and build a successful channel. Justine, along with her colleagues, prime influencers of many subjects, will run exciting panels and workshops that are must attend.

Justine, along with her business team, will teach workshops on how to monetize a successful channel with 10,000 or 1 million followers. How to get sponsorships, what to look out for when signing agreements, and what are the gotchas on the business side of this business.


All training sessions for the Vlog University Conference will take place at Los Angeles Convention Center. Learn more about the location, nearby accommodations and attractions.

Rates & Registration

Several registration options are available for the 2-day conference.

  • The Vlog University Conference is open to all attendees of 14 years of age and older
  • Attendees younger than 18 years old are required to attend with a chaperone who is at least 18 years old, or, alternatively, sign a waiver
  • Bundle ticket prices for an attendee accompanied by a chaperone will be offered a 15% discount when purchasing multiple tickets